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Ergonomics Alliance For Baggage Handlers
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Ergonomics Alliance For Baggage Handlers

According to 12 airlines, OSHA and the National Safety Council (NSC), the ergonomic alliance was formed about four years ago with the agreement of baggage handlers. OSHA administrator Ed Foulke signed this update on June 14th as one of his first alliance program contracts to promote workplace health and safety programs

Ed Fork once said that "this partnership" expects them to have a long-term business relationship with airlines. Their ultimate goal was to gather ideas for improving the working environment with a particular focus on the aviation industry. The group's enthusiasm for continuing this relationship shows how much we can work together for the safety of our employees. ""

In addition to the initial Alliance Program Agreement, the Airline Industry Alliance and OSHA have completed a variety of other projects. The pamphlets "Packing Guide for Business and Personal Travel" and "Ergonomic Training Manual for Baggage Operators" are one of two successful programs. OSHA and Alliance partners are updating web-based electronic tools for baggage handling training and working on training manuals for electronic ergonomic tools. The aviation industry is a health and safety topic page running on the OSHA website.

This refurbishment facilitates an ongoing focus on health and safety in a variety of ergonomic issues, especially when it comes to the handling of luggage by passengers. Contributors will also hold seminars to disseminate details on baggage handling issues to stakeholders, international organizations, and alternative regulatory agencies. The alliance consists of 12 airlines: AirTran Airways, US Airways, United Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Midwest Airlines, ATA Airlines, JetBlue Airways, American Airlines and Delta AirLines. Of course, in addition to NSC and OSHA's international air transport divisions, all of this is available.

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